Poems Published in 2019 – 2020

I Am Not a Poet   [Published in Our Poetica Anthology – Cathexis Northwest Press, 2019]

I am not a poet.

I do not write poetry.

I do not write poems about writing poetry.


Our Poetica Anthology



White Guilt   [Published in The Athena Literary Review – Issue 1, January 2020]

I suffer from white guilt.

Not that I ever did anything to anyone or

that any of my direct ancestors did:

yeoman farmers, craftsmen,



On Growing Old and Discovering Truth [Published in Burningword Literary Journal –   Issue 91, July 2019]

My days are measured
By bottles of discount wine,
My weeks by clean linens;

Burningword Journal, Issue 91

After We Are Dead [Published in Burningword Literary Journal – Issue 93, January 2020, page 38]

After we are dead

Throw out the papers

And spend all the cash.

Burningword Journal, Issue 93