The Safecracker–a novel


No sooner than Patricia Egan, an idealistic young lawyer, embarks on a promising legal career with a boutique southern law firm than the firm splinters and she finds herself in a supporting role to a martini-soaked senior partner representing a group of cities in a visionary alternative energy project. They promptly lose the big-money clients, and Patricia must accept a court-appointed case defending Billy Angel, a small-time safecracker and escape artist, while trying to overcome the senior partner’s failings and rescue the firm with the help of her fellow associate, Jack Alexander. While Patricia isn’t especially fond of Jack, who’s both her competitor in the firm and her housemate (through no choice of hers), she needs his help to save the firm. He has a money-paying client, a wealthy investor buying acres of land for a new agribusiness—acres that turn out to be the likely site of the alternative energy project. Patricia and Jack soon discover that their well-heeled clients, both former and present, are involved in a scheme to bilk the energy project of millions—and that one of them may have set up the murder of a city whistle blower during Billy Angel’s ill-fated heist at a Mexican restaurant. When they become potential obstacles to the plot, Patricia, Jack, and Billy end up in the crosshairs of the conspirators, with deadly consequences.