Letter home, March 11, 1970 (to Jan)

Thank you for the package. It’s really “out of sight” to get a surprise package. … I don’t know why but the hot days over here are nothing like summer days back in the world. … What’s spring like there–I remember–but write and tell me every detail.
When I get out, let’s go wandering together–I want to drive for hundreds of miles.
Oh, yeah, an ARVN is a Vietnamese soldier that look [sic] mostly like Amer. teeny-boppers.
Would you believe we now have four dogs and one monkey as pets. We’re talking about getting a water buffalo but it will cost $50.

Thank you for the sand from O.D. You know, I’d forgotten all about that Sunday, but when you mention it, it comes back, you had my car. … I remember a lot of times we had together … the night you sat with Tony B. and me down at the Moose Lodge looking at a Playboy, going to the drive-in in Hickory, your birthday out at the river, the time I lost the boat keys, the time you “crowned” me with half a canteloupe [sic] in the boat, and the beach. … I also think of the Saturday night before I left–a vision of Cold Duck (when did you play the album of the rain?) and playing a game of “Life” or whatever it was. … That seems like ages ago but it still seems like yesterday. Time is really funny. You know there are some things that really frighten me–like growing old, death–and not having done or created anything that will stand against them and time. … Know that I’m thinking about you. Buy a bottle of Cold Duck and I’ll be there faster than a jet plane.

2 thoughts on “Letter home, March 11, 1970 (to Jan)

  1. This is rich, I was with 2nd Plt 188 in Vinh Long from 12/68 to 12/69. You narrative was spot on about the compound and first impressions hit me in the gut too. I too remember the first self inflicted death, covered on at the air base of a brokenhearted cook in receipt of a “Dear John” from stateside. Hope you’ve accomplished what you were striving for upon your return and you nightmares and few and far between. Welcome home Jim.

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