Further novels by James Garrison

In addition to QL 4, Jim Garrison has completed a second novel, The Safecracker (legal thriller, approx. 124,000 words). In it, Patricia Egan is a newly minted lawyer with a housemate she doesn’t like and a client she doesn’t want, a petty safecracker who seems far removed from the well-heeled clients her boutique energy law firm has been representing. But the safecracker and former clients, who are developing a visionary alternative energy project, are closely linked in their respective criminal enterprises, something they want no one to discover, certainly not Patricia or her housemate and fellow lawyer, Jack Alexander. There’s a string of dead and maimed to prove it.

Jim is also working on a third novel, What Seems True (noir fiction, approx. 89,000 words) based on a true crime. Not even in Port Arthur, Texas, do you shoot a man six times with a 16-gauge shotgun for no reason at all, not even to rob him. In the South in 1980, it has to be about sex or race. Or both. When Sheila Mills lures her ex-lover to a secluded tryst, it’s to help her husband, Zack, clear the air between them before they move into their new house. Zack, hidden in the trunk of Sheila’s car, hops out and shoots the man six times. That’s what Sheila says in her confession. But she won’t testify against Zack, and they can’t make her. The marital privilege applies so long as the two stay married, and Sheila isn’t about to divorce Zack.